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Did GD really say that? About having bf, I mean.
from Anonymous

Yeah he really did, I kinda didn’t really believe it myself. I know a lil bit of korean, so i guess its pretty accurate that’s what he said. And the audience screamed after he said that, which makes me even more confused as to everybody already knows

where did gd say he had a boyfriend?
from Anonymous

In their newest concert DVD BIGBANG Alpha Concert in Seoul when GD finished his Crayon performance, he talked a lil. Then he said it. I really don’t know why he said it, I’m totally confused myself. But come off anon so I can get to know you ^ ^

Are we gonna ignore the fact that GD said “even though I’m a man, I had a boyfriend.”? I’m sincerely confused. It’s awfully quiet in the gtop world.

Omg imagine if GD&TOP did a cover of eyes, nose, lips. I will die.
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